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Common Boy Scout Merit Badges

There are over 100 badges and awards for activities in the scouts concerning sports, science, business and crafts amongst many others. A counselor can arrange the application for any award you wish to be put forward and study for. There are specific requirements for all boy scout merit badges that need to be met before you are presented with them, but by focusing on one at a time you can build up your awards.


American Cultures


The American Cultures award requires the acknowledgement that everyone in the country is an immigrant and that understanding each others cultures is extremely important. This application involves spending time at an institution or festival of various cultural groups and reporting back to your school or scout group to explain your findings. This award is designed to bring together all cultures in your community and further afield to learn about how they can all live together.


boy scout merit badges

Archaeology is the study of how people in a certain area lived, worked and passed on. You will need to ascertain the differences between archaeology, geology and history and how this affects the field. You will also need to visit a dig site and report back to your group about why this is a valuable field of study, and also how we might be perceived by the archaeologists of the future. You can even design a time capsule to leave for them in order to express the feeling and lives of our current age.



Bugling merits are obtained through the learning of several standard calls and the composition of an original bugle call for your troop. You will need to learn how to clean and maintain the instrument to keep it at its optimum level of performance. It will also be of benefit to serve in your troop for a period of up to three months as a bugle player as this is another criteria that enables you to be presented with the award.



Fishing involves learning the safe practice and common methods used to catch fish. You will need to demonstrate an understanding of the different types of reels, rods and maintenance of all other equipment required for the job. You will also need to catch at least one fish to show that you have put the knowledge you have acquired into good and effective practice.

Space Exploration


Space exploration awards can be achieved by learning and demonstrating the importance of this vital research field both for now, historically and in the future. You will also need to construct and launch your own model rocket. Through help from your counselor you will investigate different careers in space exploration that you would like to get involved in.

Traffic Safety


Traffic Safety merits come from knowing about the effects of driving under the influence and common driver errors that can occur in everyday life. You will need to know how to utilize a safety belt and other safety features of a standard car. You can also gain this through interviewing a traffic law enforcement officer to find out the main problems in your community.

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