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What Scouts Need To Know About Boy Scout Merit Badge Sash Placement


The BSA currently has over 2.7 million active youth members. In the organization’s history, it has seen over 100 million American members. Scouting is open to boys that have completed the fifth grade and are 10 years of age, those who are age eleven. Youth who have reached their 18th birthday are not eligible to join. As a part of membership, young men are required to purchase and wear uniforms. This means they need to know about Boy Scout merit badge sash placement.


The only appropriate way for scouts to wear their sashes is over the right shoulder with the official BSA uniform. While scouts may have seen others wearing this piece of the uniform draped over the belt, the BSA this way of wearing the uniform and it should not be used.


boy scout merit badge sash placement

Sashes are considered a part of the formal uniform and only worn on formal occasions. They are not worn to normal troop meetings, but may be displayed when in parades or public assemblies. They may also be worn on Scouting Sunday, at Blue and Gold Banquets, Eagle Court of Honor, Troop Court of Honor, when serving as Color Guards and other similar occasions.


Scouts earn badges through achievement and meeting the official guidelines BSA publishes in pamphlets. The youth should consult with the troop leader and counselor in determining which badges he needs to qualify for certain awards. For example, to become an Eagle, scouts must earn the 21 specific badges. Famous Eagle Scouts include President Gerald R. Ford, Neil Armstrong, and Steven Spielberg, among others.


The goal of the BSA is training youth to become responsible citizens. The organization teaches character development along with self-reliance. Scouts may participate in many different outdoor activities as well as educational programs. As they mature, scouts often work through career oriented programs that put them in touch with community organizations. Younger members learn Scouting values, including good citizenship, trustworthiness, and outdoor skills. Scouts participate in activities including hiking, aquatics and camping. Through these activities and more, they have the opportunity to earn more badges.


Attaching the Badges


Badges are evenly spaced in three columns on the sashes. Once the front has been filled, additional badges may be added to the back. The Varsity emblem may be displayed on the lower front of the fabric.


In addition, up to six badges are allowed on the sleeve of the official long sleeve uniform shirt. These are applied in rows of two. Badges should begin 3 inches above the bottom sleeve edge. If scouts are wearing the short sleeve uniform shirt, no badges are to be worn.


Since its beginning in 1910, Scouting has helped many boys to gain the confidence needed to live as adults. Scouts work to improve their communities through projects such as the Scouting for Food, an annual event to help supply food to food banks and pantries.


Boy Scout merit badge sash placement is an important part of wearing the formal Scouting uniform. While not a part of the everyday wear, it is important for formal events to which the youth is expected to wear the uniform.

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